Chin Huay 90th Anniversary- Internal Video

Client Desire: To incorporate family values (e.g. save money, work hard, take care of
customers and suppliers) passedon through generations while also
showing day to day activities at the factory.

Video Goals: Motivate employees, highlight importance of
suppliers and customers, put family values and history onto screen.

Step 1: Pre-Production

Client Meetings, Scriptwriting, Storyboarding,
Casting, Actor Briefing, Location Scouting,
Team-Building, etc.

Step 2: Production

Once everything is prepared, we begin the shoot.

Step 3: Production Wrap

Celebrating each production with great thanks
to all who contributed is a big part of our culture.

Step 4: Post Production

Picture Edit, Color Correction, Color Grading,
Voice-over, Sound Design, Review, Final Touch.

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