Why Videos?

More and more, people are relying on videos when making business decisions. And not just consumers looking for reviews. Companies large and small are investing in video production to communicate with potential business partners, affiliates, and their industry at large. A well produced video can create an impact that can translate into wider exposure, better understanding, and, ultimately, more business!

Albatross Film Service can help you achieve this impact. We have taken our years of creative and commercial video experience and have distilled it into a process perfect for corporate videos.

We treat every project as our own, fully committed to delivering what you need to capture your concepts on video, creating the perfect imagery that communicates your message.

Our home is Bangkok, but our experience knows no bounds. We’ll travel anywhere you need and draw on our network of equally skilled affiliates for a seamless production so you don’t have to worry about logistics. So, no matter where your business takes you, Albatross will be there to capture the experience!

If you want a video for your company, contact us today – we’ll discuss your ideas and plans and formulate the best package with options that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations!

Types of Videos


We study your industry and create an effective corporate video. You showcase your processes and premise, we do the rest.


Take your clients, suppliers, and friends on a virtual tour of your facility. No hassle, no delayed flights, and a smooth experience.


Educate and reinforce safety standards within your company with visually engaging videos.

Why Us?

A compelling video is an effective communications medium. From promoting your company to potential business partners to raising brand awareness to employee training, Albatross Film Service can help you produce the perfect corporate videos to achieve your messaging goals.

The key to our success is our attention to you.

Before we put pen to storyboard or pick up a camera, we want to learn all we can about you and what you want to achieve with your corporate video. Your business. Your competitors, Your target audience. Then, we research to find out the optimal format and messaging for your corporate video:

Who is your target audience? Who are the decision makers? What types of videos do they watch for business? How long are the videos? Do they prefer subtitles or voice-overs, or both? Do successful videos have interviews, or do they walkthrough a process?

Once we get a good idea of what’s the best approach, we share our findings with you and work with you to plan and execute the best corporate video for you.

This again involves much planning and preparation.

We’ll visit your offices, facilities, stores — wherever your corporate story takes us — and determine the best and most efficient way to film what is needed. From staffing to time of day, we’ll schedule everything, down to what’s for lunch. No detail will be left behind for your corporate video.


Businesses We Have Helped




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